Basic Information

Date: Full & Half Marathon:  5 February, 2017 (Sunday)


Venue:  Kamitonda Cultuer Center, (Kamitonda Town, Wakayama Prefecture)

Race Organizer: Execution Committee of Kuchikumano Marathon

Management Office: Wakayama Track and Field Association,Kamitonda Town, Kamitonda Board of Education


Category & requirements

No Category Requirements
1 Half Marathon for male male runners aged 18 or above
2 Half Marathon for female female runners aged 18 or above
3 Full Marathon for male male runners aged 18 or above
4 Full Marathon for female female runners aged 18 or above

*Eligibility extends to men and women in good health who can complete the race within the set time limit. We regret that organisers do not accept wheelchair runners’ application because of race administration restrictions and other reasons.



Time limit: 

  • 6 hours (Full Marathon)

For smooth operation of the race, runners must pass the following three checkpoints before the cut-off time. A shuttle bus will be arranged to pick up runners at checkpoints (except checkpoint 1) and drive them back to the start & finish point. Runners who have not finished the race should follow the instructions of race officials. The race operation will be closed at 4pm.

  • For Half Marathon, there will be 2 checkpoints for runners to pass through before the cut-off time.


Cut-off Times for Full & Half Marathon:


【Full Marathon】

・1st Checkpoint …11:40 Kamitonda Fire Department at 12.7km

・2nd Checkpoint …13:00 Ikuma Bridge Sout at 22.5km

・3rd Checkpoint …14: 30 Ooto gymnasium at 33.7km


【Half Marathon】

・1st Checkpoint …11: 08 Ichinose Elementary School at 9.8km

・2nd Checkpoint …11:32 Ooto gymnasium at 12.7km


Prizes / Gifts:

The overall winners of the Full and Half Marathon (one male and one female) will be awarded.

Age group category: Top three male and female runners of each age group (aged 29 and younger / 30s / 40s / 50s / 60s / 70s and older) will also be awarded.

T-Shirts will be given away to all participants. Runners completing the race will receive a sport towel or UME juice.



A timing chip will be given to all runners to record the completion time. This timing chip should be returned to the organisers after the race. Those who fail to return their timing chip after race will have to pay a penalty of JPY1500 – the actual cost of each timing chip.

An achievement certificate (without photo) will be issued after the race when runners return their timing chips at the finish point.



Dressing Rooms

  • Male: Kamitonda Junior high school gymnastic hall, 2/F at Kamitonda Culture Centre mini Hall and Kamitonda Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room
  • Female: 2/F at Kamitonda welfare Centre and Kamitonda Health Centre
  • DropBag: Valuables/small baggage can be kept in the culture hall on 1/F of Kamitonda Culture Centre’s Hall. However, event organisers are not responsible for any lost items.    


Warm-up exercise is not allowed in the race course.

Left-hand traffic  

Access for pedestrian will be on left hand side of the race course.



If participants feel unwell before the race commences, please do not press ahead. Should they feel unwell during the race, please approach race officials for assistance immediately.


Rules & Regulations of the race:

The race is conducted in accordance with FY2016 rules and regulations set forth by the Japan Association of Athletics Federations (JAAF)

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