i-Travellers 酷遊族

About us

Led by i-Runners founder Barry Tam, i-Travellers pledges to sharing the passion of running and explore the world of marathons with fellow runners. Besides taking part in marathons, i-Runners strives to bring runners unique travel and cultural experiences that promise to enrich the lives of city-dwellers through i-Travellers.


i-Travellers is honoured to be appointed as the Hong Kong registration office by the organisers of Kuchikumano Marathon in Japan. i-Travellers will lead fellow runners from Hong Kong to race in Kuchikumano Marathon in Kamintonda Town, Wakayama Prefecture, in Japan.


i-Travellers is grateful for the support from Tanabe City Tourism Association and the Tanabe City Government for making this one-of-a-kind sports and cultural exchange possible.

(Hong Kong Travel Agent Licence No: 354126)